YU Interior is a unique design studio who specialise in designing stylish inspired living.


With considerable experience in residential and commercial interiors, our aim is to asisst each and every individual client by listening to their needs and wants, utilising our knowledge to create a successful project. 


Our approach aims not only to create sophisticated and modern detailed designs, but also comfortable and functional spaces, utilising their environments to achieve its full potential.


We have an intuitive feel for colour, furniture, lighting, homewares and window treatments - all fundamental elements that brings a home together, which are incredibly important for homeowners to rekindle their connection with their lifestyle, and create beautiful inspired interiors that they will love.


Whether working with clients who require a complete interior design project management, building a new home, rethinking an existing space, or simply changing one room, our interior design packages for both residential and commercial clients are flexible, cost effective and tailored to meet both short term and long term decorating needs.


Centrally located in Alfred Cove we are convenient to service both south and north of the river.


Tarryn Dunn

Director and Interior Designer