You will be dealing with our experienced, professional, award winning designers. Our interior design team will listen to your needs and provide expert advice.

The basic elements of design; line, direction, shape, proportion, texture, colour and pattern, will be carefully considered when putting together the scheme for your home.

All these basic design principles combined with your personal taste and aspirations are important for establishing a successful and unique style.

The design feels balanced when a sense of visual equilibrium is achieved. It feels like home because we have listened to you.

As our client you will enjoy a stress free experience. All aspects of Pre-start will be fully documented and relayed back to your builder to ensure the build runs smoothly.

Clear communication means less stress, delays and the confidence that everyone is on the same page. 

Designing Stylish Inspired Living

1. Meeting - 1 hour

You are invited to our Studio for us to view your plans and discuss Exterior Selections as per your builder’s agenda. We help you choose all colours and finishes for your exterior and we also touch base on the Interior surfaces and Lighting plans.

Following this meeting we will prepare a selections report to be emailed to you and your builder. Samples of Paint colours, render and other potential external nishes will be sourced for you.

2. Meeting - 2 hour

We will meet you at your nominated Tile Showroom to select tiles, benchtops, cabinetry, and Interior paint colours. Following this meeting we will prepare a selections report to be emailed to you and your builder. Where possible tile, laminates, wood and other appropriate samples will be sourced when your selections are being finalised

3. Meeting - 1 hour

At the Studio we will review and con rm the Exterior scheme and review initial Interior selections. We will also complete Interior selections for; internal doors and hardware, skirting and cornices. Also discuss furniture layout and review lighting plan. Following this meeting we will revise you selection and email it to you and your builder.

4. Meeting - 1-2 hour

This will be a site meeting with you and your builder, usually at lock up stage, to advise on any final decisions that need to be made. We will also discuss our window treatments and Interior Design services to help complete the home of your dreams.

Your thoughts can now turn to Interior Design, window coverings, wallpaper, soft furnishings, accessories and furniture that is required, can now be arranged to coincide with moving into your new home.