Autumn’s hottest trend: Texture

While autumn hues abound at the minute (I’m sure you’ve noticed the plethora of rust, mustard and brown tones in stores?) there’s another trend that’s been bubbling along for a while now and it’s one that is very much at home in autumn - texture.

Uniqwa Furniture chair available at YU Interior

Think hand woven rugs and cushions, handmade chairs, wood, rattan and other artisanal wares. It’s a movement that forms part of the wider tribal trend and it’s something that meshes perfectly with the laid-back Western Australian lifestyle and aesthetic.

Textured cushions

From hand-looped yarns to plaited wool and faux fur, Autumn is a great time to embrace texture in your home. Work a variety of different textured cushions back together with a chunky throw – layer up and you’ll never look back.

Grand Designs Australia cushions available at YU Interior


As the barometer heads south, it’s time to pull out your cosy throws – the chunkier and more textured the better. The hand-knitted ones are particularly lovely and not only do they serve a practical purpose but they make a space look homelier too. What’s not to love?

Wooden furniture From rattan to raw, unfinished timber and everything in between, wooden furniture is having a moment in the interior spotlight at present. Timeless, earthy and sometimes just the thing you need to soften a space, timber is the perfect all-rounder. Just remember to keep the colour on the lighter side to avoid that heavy, dated look.

Papaya furniture available at YU Interiors


From Juju hats (hailing from Africa, they’re handmade from chicken feathers and make a great statement piece) to belly baskets (made popular by the indoor plant trend), there are plenty of fabulous handmade textured accessories on the market that will add that final earthy touch to your autumn interior.

A Juju hat sits proudly on the wall. Image source:

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