Artist profile: Rachel Whiteman

Almost entirely self-taught, the talented Perth artist Rachel Whiteman has produced an impressive body of work since she began her practice five years ago. Inspired by the Western Australian coastline, Rachel’s work approaches the subject matter from an aerial perspective and is rich in vibrant colour and texture.

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“I have had no formal arts training but have previously attended evening art classes with Leanne Pearson, a renowned portrait artist, for several years to develop my oil painting techniques. I recently discovered the exceptional medium of resin and have been enjoying developing my abstract phase,” says Rachel.

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A self-confessed nature lover, Rachel finds the WA coastline an infinite inspiration. “My passion in life is the environment. I am at my happiest when snorkelling in the ocean or hiking in the outdoors. We have a world class coastline in Western Australia which is still reasonably untouched so if I can capture the essence of that coastline in a painting and take people to that place of adventure I am more than happy,” says Rachel.

Rachel Whiteman

“The medium of resin has a totally unique way of enhancing a painting with depth and texture that lends itself to capturing ocean scenes,” says Rachel who grew up in sub-Saharan Africa, Norway and Scotland – an unusual upbringing that underpins her work.

Rachel’s most recent collection, the ‘Archipelago Series,’ looks as if flying over an ocean atoll. “Last year we were lucky enough to visit Mauritius. At the South West corner of the island just off Le Morne, there is a geological phenomenon called an underwater waterfall. It's truly breathtaking and can only be seen from the air. This has been my inspiration for this series,” says Rachel.

Rachel Whiteman's art is available to purchase from YU Interior.

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