Hot trend: Interior timber cladding

A fabulous alternative to paint or wallpaper, and perfect for injecting warmth and texture into a space, the timber paneled aesthetic is big news in interiors at the minute. From Hampton’s style to heritage-listed properties and even new builds, it’s a truly versatile look.

Glosswood chevron panelling

Image via Glosswood

And, unlike the past, the latest timber lining boards are available in a variety of profiles. From simple planks to dado rails, you can install them on walls or ceilings and many of them are suitable for DIY installation too.

Interior timber cladding

Image via Dulux

One Australian company that is doing great things with pre-finished timber panels is Perth’s Glosswood. Not only is their range stylish, their product has a sustainable, environmentally friendly profile too. “Our impressive range of prefinished timber lining boards are a great alternative to using native hardwoods, as they are made from Paulownia which is a sustainable plantation timber,” says Jess Thomson who manages sales and marketing for the company.

Interior timber cladding

Image via H&G Designs

To give you an idea, Paulownia can grow up to two metres a year and can be harvested at 10-12 years which contrasts with pine which is harvested at 20 years and jarrah at 70 years. Also, Paulownia can reshoot up to six times before replanting is required. And as for its at-home application, it’s also extremely lightweight, stable and renowned for its resistance to cupping and warping.

Interior timber cladding

Image via Bec Douros

“Our most popular colours are the natural timbers, like cedar, spotted gum and teak, which have been increasingly popular of late. The charcoal colour in the matte range has had a lot of interest, likely due to its rich, darker tone. It suits more contemporary design but still has a natural timber grain, and translates between both residential and commercial projects. Distressed white is another popular look that both designers and DIY-ers love!” says Jess.

Glosswood interior timber cladding

Image via Glosswood

If this is a look you're interested in, contact us and one of our experienced interior designers will help guide you in the right direction for your home.

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