How to: Make the most of a small bathroom

With the price of land not exactly cheap, and apartment living on the rise, small bathrooms are a fact of life for many of us. But just because a space is on the diminutive side doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel luxurious. At Yu Interior we’ve got plenty of tricks for maximising the size and glamour of even the tiniest bathrooms.

Dulux bathroom

Image source: Dulux

Firstly, it’s important to consider a bathroom’s layout as there are plenty of ways to maximise a small space – a corner sink and vanity can be a great solution for example. In addition, a floating vanity will always make a space feel larger – the void underneath gives the illusion of more room. A combined bath and shower is another time-honoured, space saving trick.

Neutral tiles will make a small space feel larger but make sure to choose no more than two varieties. Another insider trick is to run the floor tile up the wall opposite the door – it will give the instant illusion of more space. Installing a frameless glass shower screen is another great way to make a small bathroom feel larger, as is a large mirror and skylight.

Small bathroom layout

Image source: Home Adore

Make sure to use the walls as much as possible to get things off the floor. A wall hanging towel ladder, hooks for towels on the back of the door, floating shelves above the toilet and shallow wall-mounted spice racks for storing beauty products all make use of underutilised space. Not only are these space saving tips but they’ll make the floor space feel larger too.

Mirrored shaving cabinet

A mirrored shaving cabinet provides excellent extra storage. Image source: Archilovers

Built-in cabinetry always make for more economic use of small spaces. A mirrored shaving cabinet will also help enlarge the space and provides excellent storage too.

Clever bathroom storage

Image source: Small Design Ideas

Choose a hero feature that adds a wow factor. It could be a tiled feature wall, a freestanding bath, bespoke cabinetry or a statement pendant light.

Lastly, don’t forget the finishing touches. A luxurious candle (Diptyque springs to mind), live greenery (a hanging planter is great for a small space), statement towels and an interesting pendant light will all help elevate even the smallest of spaces into something luxe.

Bathroom with accessories

This small bathroom packs a stylish punch with its frameless shower screen, floating sink, statement black taps and pendant light. Image source: Houzz

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